TCBC COVID-19 Response

Updated on Monday, July 6, 2020

We have been regathered for corporate worship now for one month. At five services in, we are getting accustomed to a new (hopefully temporary) normal in terms of our safety procedures, services, and broadcasting efforts. It has been a joy to be back with God’s people in God’s house as we worship and glorify Jesus together.

It is now July and we’re into our second month under “Step 1” (see below) of our regathering plan. With “Step 2” coming up in August, we wanted to point out a few minor changes for that month. The biggest change is that we have now moved the relaunch of Sunday Evening Discipleship to “Step 3,” beginning in September. We have two important meetings coming up on Sunday evenings in August and didn’t want to start discipleship courses only to have to stop and restart again. You’ll notice the Church Members’ Meeting (Quarterly Business Meeting) and budget discussion listed below on two Sunday nights in August. Please make plans to attend both of those meeting as we prepare for a new church year.

Please also notice in August that we are going to keep our childcare scaled back for “Step 2.” There will be Sunday School classes for children 2 and up plus nursery for children 2 and under for the Sunday School hour only. Parents will pick up their children before going to morning worship. As we secure nursery and Extended Session workers for the new church year, we will make a plan for childcare for all church activities by September.

Regathering for Corporate Worship at Tabor City Baptist Church

Step 1 – June – July

  • Sunday morning worship at 10:45am ONLY
    • No Sunday School or other on-campus activities on Sunday
    • No nursery, childcare, or Extended Session available
  • Simpler, shorter worship services (1 hour at most)
    • No choir and limited congregational singing
    • No greeting or hand shaking time
    • All physical contact discouraged
  • Facility and Campus Safety
    • Only one entrance and exit via the front doors of the church
    • No hand-shaking or greeting time during the service
    • Only the vestibule and sanctuary will be utilized
    • Two hand sanitizing stations will be in vestibule
    • No offering plates passed (Locked giving box in vestibule)
    • Seating will be restricted to every other pew
    • All facilities will be sanitized before and after each service
    • The use of masks is encouraged but not required

Step 2- August

  • Resume Sunday School classes for all ages
    • No other childcare or Extended Session
    • Nursery provided for 2 and under during Sunday School hour
    • Open extra entrance on the south side (Garrell Street)
    • Practice good “social-distancing”
    • All other precautions still in place
  • Church Members’ Meeting on August 9 at 6pm
  • Budget Discussion on August 16 at 6pm

Step 3- September

  • Childcare resumes for all church activities
  • Sunday Night Discipleship resumes
  • Wednesday programs resume (kids, adults)
    • Wednesday Supper TBD
    • All previous precautions still in place
    • Move toward opening all entrances

All of this is subject to change. Things may move earlier; They may move later. We simply want to get back to regular activities as safely and resposnibly as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any of this.

Matthew Price, Senior Pastor of TCBC

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